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Dixon Mower Model Comparison

We regret to inform our loyal customers of this most unfortunate news, but the Dixon brand of ZTR lawn mowers will no longer be produced after the 2014 model year.

We will support all Dixon mowers owned by our customers with parts and service but will no longer be able to sell new Dixons. They will be produced under a new brand name which we will not be taking on as a dealer. We will be leaving this page up for educational purposes for those who might need to access such information for reference in buying a used machine. Thank you for your loyalty and we hope to continue our relationship with you in providing top quality lawn and garden equipment.

For 2014 Dixon builds riding mowers in 5 different product groups in two categories. The categories are ZTR®'s and conventional lawn tractors. Tractors are the lowest cost option. ZTR's cost more but usually save time. The ZTR line-up in order of price and durability of construction are:
  • SpeedZTR (pronounced speedster)
  • Ultra
  • DX100 Series
  • DX200 series

The Dixon SpeedZTR (pronounced "speedster") is available in 6 versions with cut sizes of 30,42,46,48 and 54. The SpeedZTR series has stamped steel decks with the exception of the 42SE and 48 SE which feature the more durable Tri-Force® fabricated mower deck. Naturally the SE models cost a little more. The transmission for the SpeedZTR series is the Hydrogear EZT transmission. It has proven to hold up well for low cost but may be a little noisier than its more expensive brothers.

The Ultra Series has 3 models. Two with a 52 cut and the other a 61 inch cut. They feature the Tri-Force fabricated mower deck. The Ultra52 has a HydroGear3100 series transmission. The 52SE and the 61 have HydroGear 3400 Series transmissions. The Ultra could almost be considered commercial in its build except for the fact that it uses a non-commercially rated engine. This does make the price very attractive as long as you take good care of the engine.

The DX100 series is the start of the fully commercial mowers for Dixon. This series uses all commercially rated engines and transmissions as well as a little heavier deck than even the Tri-Force. It is a commercial mower on a budget. Two sizes available - 52 and 61 inch cuts.

The DX200 series mowers are Dixon's top of the line. 7 gauge mower decks, top of the line commercial engines and HydroGear ZT5400 Transmissions complete this mower to be nothing less than a grass eating machine. Available in 3 sizes of cut: 54, 60, and 72.

Tractors are available in 4 cut sizes: 42,46,48, and 54. The 2042 is a price machine no frills. At $1500, it gives you a lot of mower for little cost. The 46 and 48 have added features such as cruise control and Electric Clutch, etc. The 48 is a heavier deck but in our opinion, the 46 does a better job in wet grass. The 54 inch is in a class by itself. It is a more heavy duty garden tractor but also shows in the price.

Hopefully, this gives you a picture of comparison so you can make an intelligent decision on which mower is right for you. If you would like to see any of these, go to our new mower pages and click on the cut size you are interested in. You should find these in the list of mowers that appears.

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