Gravely Pro-Master 200 Series

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Gravely's line of eXtra Durable Zero-Turn mowers, or XDZs, now called Pro-Master, are commercial grade all the way. Testing reports show an overall 30 percent increase in durability.

Gravely Pro-Master 200 series zero turning radius mowers include models 252, 260, the new 266 and the acre eating 272- all designating the cut size for the particular model.

The 200 series has larger capacity pumps and motors than the Pro-Turn series as well as Suspension seats as standard equipment. Larger fuel capacity is an added bonus.

The XDZs feature improvements to the subsystems critical to commercial cutters: ground drive, electrical, deck drive and deck. The result is dramatically cooler hydraulic temperatures that result in longer pump and motor life, longer belt life, increased durability to the deck in high-wear conditions, and electrical systems designed to eliminate corrosion and downtime.

“The XDZ (Pro-Master) project was driven by a long-term quality improvement goal,” says Dan Ariens, company president. “Through extensive field testing, our product development team has really been able focus on heat reduction and the impact it has on uptime and longevity.”

Gravely 260XDZ Zero Turning Radius Commercial Mower. 60 inch cut.
Quick Specs
Engines used · Kawasaki 27 air-cooled
 (252 & 260)
· Kawasaki 31 Air(266, 272)
· Kohler 27 Air(260)
· Daihatsu 27 Diesel(260H only)
· Daihatsu 31 Diesel (272 Only)
· Generac 28 HP LP (260H only)
Cut Widths · 52 in.
· 60 in.
· 66 in.
· 72 in.
Drive System Dual Hydrostatic Pump/Motor
Fuel Capacity 13 Gal
· Power Vacs
· Foldable ROPS
· Electric Deck lift
(for manual lift units)
· Mulching Kits
· Dethatcher
· Striping kit
· Headlight kit
· 55" 2 stage snowblower
· 60" Snow Blade
· 60" Rotary Sweeper
· Debris blower

· Adjustable Height Rollers standard

· Heavy-Duty Air filter w/ inner safety filter.

· Air-Flo X-Factor Deck™ standard

· Maintenance Free XL Spindles™ standard

· Self-Adjusting Belts standard

· Twin and triple-bag Collection Systems. Hopper style also available on certain models.

· 13 gallon fuel capacity with large single fill cap.

· Foot operated, spring-assisted deck lift allows for both deck height adjustment and the temporary raising and lowering of deck to clear curbs and obstructions on "M" models. Automatic lock-up. Hydraulic lift is standard on the 72 inch models and can be a factory option on all others.

· Twin hydraulic pumps(21cc) and wheel motors provides independent power to each rear drive wheel.

· 250 lb. Ogura Electric Clutch

· Suspension seat with high back and adjustable armrests, lumbar, angle, etc.

· 24 inch rear drive tires